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Personalized, quality training, daycare,
and boarding services
in two locations

Positive K9 at Creekside is unlike any other dog-centric establishment you've ever seen.

We provide a cage- and kennel-free, activity-filled resort atmosphere that keeps your dog secure, safe,

and comfortable.

What makes Creekside unique is our peaceful, picturesque country setting with endless green grass- covered yards to run, romp and play in. It's not a kennel, it's a true all-inclusive vacation for your dog. With private suites and acres of woodlands, fields, and a creek at each location, your dog lives in and around nature and receives lots of personalized love and attention all day.

Training: We specialize in aggression and behavioral issues and teach all levels of basic and advanced obedience using techniques that are customized to your dog, designed to meet your specific objectives.

Daycare and Boarding: We're the area's first All Inclusive Resort designed and built for the comfort of dogs. We provide plenty of safe socializing and playtime interspersed with quiet time. Pups happily jump out of the car, ready for adventure!


Over 10,000 dogs have successfully completed our onsite private or residency training programs.


We’ve helped chewers, biters, jumpers, barkers, diggers, the aggressive, the fearful, and the anxious. We provide basic training as well as advanced agility instruction.


Training available at Creekside Resort in Walworth.

Three way play.jpg

Why leave your dog home, bored and alone? Bring him to Positive K9 for fun and frolic while you're at work!


We are dedicated to providing the ultimate in comfort, health, and safety. Just a short drive from Rochester, your dog will love you

for it.


​Daycare available at Creekside Acres in Macedon.

We provide the best home-away-from-home experience for your beloved pet.


Lots of playtime and exercise interspersed with quiet rest in a private suite means your dog receives the highest quality of care.

Boarding available at Creekside Resort in Walworth and Creekside Acres in Macedon.

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