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Residency 2

Residency 2

One of our highest profile cases: Jordan Copie and Tank

From Channel 13 WHAM News:

Jordan Copie suffered an attack by his dog, Tank, and was unwilling to put him down. He turned to Melissa Cocola and Positive K9 for help.

Scott & Nancy Grove say:

We adopted our chihuahua mix Rocky after he was found in a cousin's avocado grove near San Diego - he'd been living on his own for at least a month. He was independent, skittish, filled with anxiety, and within a few months of living with us broke his leg when he fell from a window sill. We couldn't leave him alone for fear that he would hurt himself even more. Melissa came to the rescue; we decided that a residency was best, and it was well worth it. He's a transformed dog! He's calm, confident, and pays attention to our commands and we couldn't be happier with his results. Thank you to Melissa and her excellent staff. We're all so much happier now!

Bailea Sheibe says:

I honestly thought there was no hope after bringing my dog Kujo to several different trainers. I thought he'd always be the one in control...until I brought him to Positive K-9 training!! Melissa and her staff are true life changers!! They treat all the dogs with great respect while making sure they are in a fun and safe environment!! They changed mine and my dog's life completely for the better! He now respects me and knows that I am the boss! He is now a perfect angel that I absolutely love spending every second with. I have and will continue to recommend everyone I know to this amazing facility! It truly is magical and I can not thank Melissa or her awesome staff enough for helping my dog and I!! Thank you so so much!! You guys are fantastic!!

Carmel O'Kane says:

Our Great Dane Annabelle is a 2yr old rescue, she was aggressive towards other dogs, pulled so hard on the lease that it was difficult to walk her. She knocked me over and dragged me along the pavement several times. She took food from the counter tops and even the kitchen sink. We could not leave her in a room alone for 5 minutes without having more damage. We were at the end of our rope and didn't know what to do. We know she is a good dog but we can't get past the behavioral problems. Then our vet recommended Melissa and Positive K9. After 3 weeks with Melissa, Annabelle is a completely different dog, she is calm, relaxed, obeys all commands and now walks on leash without pulling or being aggressive toward other dogs. We are so happy with the work that Melissa has done with her, we now have the "real" Annabelle, a happy, calm dog who is enjoying her life instead of being in a constant state of stress. If you are experiencing similar problems with your dog, look no further than Melissa and Positive K9 she is awesome, kind and caring and really does love your dog as much as you do. Due to her work with Annabelle, she has given us back a calm and stress free household for which we will be forever grateful.

Lisa Randall says:

Our one and a half year old rescue dachshund (chihuahua?) mix Nestlie was unsure about other female dogs, and wasn't very obedient on or off the leash. We worried about her running away if we wanted to let her off the leash. Within the first of only three sessions with Melissa, Nestlie was responding really well to "Nestlie come," and had learned to walk beside us instead of out in front. She was also socialized with several dogs in their outdoor play area, and we had her running around, playing, and not reacting aggressively to new dogs that were brought out to meet her. Melissa's staff was also very, very kind, patient, and helpful. We'll definitely continue to work with Melissa and use the tools and training she provided us with, and we highly recommend her services!

Amanda D'amico says:

Melissa is amazing and that's all that there is to know, highly highly highly recommend. Money well spent without a doubt, especially when you're best friend has 4 paws.

Bobbie  Jo Purlee Calus says:

Melissa is AMAZING, A LIFE SAVER & SOMEONE WHO TRULY HAS A GIFT! She continues to train us as much our girl and we cannot thank her enough. I always HIGHLY recommend Positive K-9 along with Creekside for boarding!

Darlene Raggi says:

My 2boxers cry all the way there!- they can't wait to get there and play with their friends! Melissa and her crew are the very best- and the place is run to the highest degree. Have nothing but good things to say about this place . Three cheers to all of you, and thank you for caring, that is so special and important

Jennifer Zimmer says:

Thanks to everyone for all the help and support with my energetic Chocolate Lab Rayna. She's all tired out tonight from a fun day with you guys. We will have her back soon to spend another day with you. I really appreciate everything you guys do !!!

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