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Your dog is as unique as you are, and one training method definitely does not fit all: our programs are personalized to meet the specific needs of both you and your dog. We specialize in difficult behavioral issues, particularly aggression, but regardless of what you wish to resolve, we know we can help you.

Dogs that listen...



any distraction.

For more than two decades, it's been our customized approach that sets us apart. Over 10,000 dogs from all over North America have been through our program. We’ve seen chewers, biters, jumpers, barkers, diggers, the aggressive, the fearful, and the anxious. We’ve helped puppies start out on the right paw and adult dogs learn new and improved behaviors. 

Many of our clients have not been successful using other methods; our program is often their last hope for rehabilitation. We find it deeply rewarding to know that we have given these dogs a chance to live better lives with their families. 


See below for more information on our training programs and services at Creekside Resort in Walworth.


Dogs have different personality types and temperaments; each requires a variation in training method that is as unique as the dog itself. That’s why, unlike traditional training, Positive K9 customizes each plan designed specifically for your dog.

We always begin with a one-on-one evaluation with the dog and his owner; these appointments are available seven days a week and last approximately 90 minutes.


During our visit we help you prioritize long and short term training goals, and perform a series of tests so that we can select the best method of training for him or her. You will also receive a series of exercises that you can begin at home. This evaluation gives you the insight and proper tools that will help manage your dog’s specific needs today and for years to come.


Our Residency Program is nationally recognized; over 9000 dogs have been successfully trained, and our clients come from as far away as Canada and Florida.

Training for the real world

Alongside regular training, we incorporate everyday living into our Residency Program. We teach your dog how to greet guests appropriately, sit before entering and exiting doors, and how to play well with others. Your dog attends social activities at the Creekside Resort in Walworth as well as ventures out on field trips. We teach how to navigate distractions while exhibiting good manners at all times.

All of our residents learn to live in the real world, with real distractions. We visit farmer's markets, stores and shops, and teach your dog how to behave in many situations. 

Whether your dog has more in-depth behavioral issues and may need more intensive training, or your lifestyle doesn't allow you to schedule a series of private lessons, our Residency Program is for you. We are confident that you will be thrilled with the results of your customized program.

Time commitments start at two weeks; during their stay, your dog receives several hours of training each day along with lots of love and exercise.

Please know that owner training is just as important as the residency itself. You will receive hands-on instruction before your dog is returned to you, to solidify learned behaviors. You'll also receive our infamous lifetime follow up training at no additional charge.

​At the end of your dog’s stay there is a mandatory two-hour discharge meeting that begins transferring his listening to us over to you. You will observe a demonstration of his new behaviors and learn tools for the consistent training needed to keep him at the top of his game at home.

residency program

Regardless of the personality type, training method chosen, or behavior issue we’re working on, our main technique uses praise and motivation. At no time do we use or recommend hands-on physical punishment. We encourage you to watch us train.


Customized private dog training lessons are not sold in a package, but on an as-needed basis. You and your dog work at your own pace until your training goals are achieved. Our focus during these lessons is strictly on you and your companion; on average our clients achieve basic obedience in 3-4 lessons.

private lessons

Every dog breed is predisposed to specific behavioral traits and characteristics; even mixed breeds exhibit them. Information in books and websites can be  overwhelming, misleading, and simply confusing; why not enlist a professional to facilitate this important decision that greatly impacts your life for years to come?


During our consultation we discuss your lifestyle, likes and dislikes, family makeup and other topics to find a pet that best suits your needs. We can also evaluate a dog from a local shelter or help you select a reputable breeder.


breed selection

The first six months of a puppy's life are a developmentally critical phase; it's a vital time for him or her to learn how to behave in your home and in the world. There are things you can do to help your puppy become a confident, secure and happy adult, and remember, preventing unwanted behaviors early on is far less work than behavior modification later in life!

This service teaches new owners how to successfully manage common puppy issues like housebreaking, crate training, play biting, and chewing. During this visit we educate you and your family on feeding and proper nutrition, selecting appropriate toys, and how to socialize your puppy to his or her new environment.

puppy management

You're welcome to click HERE to book your training appointment online.

Please be patient; Melissa and her staff are in demand, and she is well worth the wait!

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