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Where are you located?

We now have three beautiful locations: Creekside Resort in Walworth provides training and boarding; Creekside Lodge in Macedon provides daycare and boarding; Creekside Acres provides daycare.  Please visit our Contact Us page for addresses and directions.

Can I just stop in and drop my dog off for daycare, or do I need a reservation?

We understand that others allow "drop in" daycare programs, but our goal at Creekside is the highest quality of care for your dog. Their health, safety and emotional well being is of the utmost importance, and we need to plan appropriately for staff resources, private room availability, etc., therefore a reservation is required for  daycare.

I am interested in training for my new puppy, when is a good time to start?

We recommend starting anywhere between 14-16 weeks old, unless you have extreme behavioral concerns.

Do you do in home training?

Dogs are preconditioned to perform certain behaviors in their home environment, so training in a neutral location is more effective. Introductions to strangers and other dogs are also better managed within our facility.


My dog does not like other dogs, is that something that you work with?

We specialize in behavioral issues, especially aggression. Whether your dog doesn’t like other dogs in the neighborhood or they aren’t getting along with siblings at home, we can absolutely help. In fact, this is something we see all the time! Our specialized training programs work towards rehabilitation and appropriate socialization.

Is this training one-on-one or would we be in a class with other people and dogs?

Class environments have lots of dog (and human) personalities and temperaments, as well as many distractions. One-on-one training is the most effective and helps you achieve your goals more quickly.


My dog has bitten humans before, is that something you have experience with?

We specialize in difficult dogs with aggressive tendencies; this is one of the most common reasons that clients seek out our services.

I have been told by other trainers that my dog is too aggressive and no training will fix his behaviors, can you help?

We often see cases like these and are confident that most behaviors can be modified and managed. First we meet with you and your dog in the evaluation phase to determine what program is best suited for your and his needs, we make a personalized plan, and move forward from there.

Will I have to wait long to get my training appointment? 

We pride ourselves in taking the time to get to know our clients and their dogs; understanding specifics such as lifestyle and daily routine helps us to set achievable goals.

Due to the high success rates of our programs, combined with our excellent reputation and referrals from several local veterinarians, the demand for our services can mean that you may experience a 4-6 week wait for your first appointment. We do, however, get last-minute cancellations, so when you call, please ask to be placed on our cancellation list.

Do we have to sign up for multiple lessons? Are there training packages we need to buy?

We offer several different training options that start with a 90-minute evaluation. There are no packages required as all training lessons are on an as-needed basis.

What services do you offer?

We specialize in training and offer other services, too. Click on the items below for more information:

Where did you learn how to train?

Melissa Cocola graduated at the top of her class from the internationally-recognized National K9 Institute in Columbus, OH. She has specializations in Basic & Advanced Obedience, Breed Identification, Tracking, Puppy Development, Personal Protection, Utility & Detection, Scent Detection, Police K9, and Kennel Management.


Are you certified by New York State?

There is no federal or state certification necessary to be come a dog trainer, which means that anyone can claim to be one. Make sure you investigate anyone who says they are "certified." While one may hold a certificate of education, being "certified" is not the same thing. Be wary of false claims; your dog's safety could be at risk.


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